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You do not need a computer to be on the internet. It is the same as taking an advert in a newspaper that you never read. The advert is aimed at reaching your target market.

A website is the same. It is not for your benefit, but for the express purpose of reaching that segment of your market who do have and use their computers to find things on the internet.

This is the beauty of the internet. Roughly 40% of our clients have never met the person developing their website face to face. Between the telephone and email it is a simple process.

If we need to run a visual concept past a client, the concept is uploaded to a private site on the internet where the client can see it, give feedback and, in many cases, even watch the changes being made while discussing it on the telephone.

Afraid not. Website development is different to hardcopy advertising, where the norm is that you start with a draft. Any draft that we could do would certainly not be one that would give you a realistic idea of what the end product would look like or how it would function. The internet is a very dynamic medium and the whole is a lot more than the sum of its parts. Each of our web sites are custom made. They are unique and created from scratch, so that by the time an effective draft had been created, you would in fact already have the end result.

Our past projects section should give you a good idea of whether or not you think we can meet your needs. – Please also read the next question and answer.

We have never had this experience. However, once the site is complete, we post it on the internet for your approval. From that time you have 7 calender days in which to give us feedback and we will tweak and change until you are happy. We are so confident that we can make this commitment: If you had to dislike the entire site, we would do a complete custom redesign at no extra cost. Provided that we have followed your design specifications, this is limited to one redesign. If the site is still not satisfactory because you changed your mind about what you want, the second redesign would bear an additional cost to you.

It is however highly unlikely that this would ever happen. One of our major strengths is the ability to create a website to suit and project the character and image of each individual business.

We actually do like to do them. They’re great fun, but we don’t do them because they are not good for your business. They are not search engine friendly. Nor are sites that use javascript drop-down menus, which we also avoid, along with a number of other design elements, like frames.

With every site that we design, the end objective is in mind from the outset and that objective is for the site to contribute to your business. If poor design elements make your site unable to be found (or well ranked) by search engines, then this objective becomes impossible to attain.

That’s why we are here. If you are in any doubt or have any questions please contact us and we will be delighted to help you. Or, choose to email your artwrok when ordering and tell us in the email what you are unsure about and we will check it out for you.

We’re experts in digital printing, so you don’t have to be!

How do I supply my artwork?
Please provide a pdf with of the inside pages in the correct running order including blank pages where needed. (Supply the cover separately if possible, e.g. upload 2 pdfs, one for the cover and one for the inside pages.)

My cover has a printed spine, can I supply the cover with my spine include?
Yes, it is possible to design your cover separately to include a printed spine. You can supply this as a fully imposed cover including the spine or as a multi page pdf.

Do I need bleed and crop marks on my artwork?
Yes, this is very important when producing books. Please give us at least 3mm bleed.

Do I need to adhere to certain margins when designing my book?
Yes. The cover is fixed to the spine and up to 7mm on the side of the book. With this in mind we recommend that you use a margin of 12mm on the spine side of your inside pages to give you a 5mm gap from the edge of your text to the spine of the book when bound.

Do I need to supply fonts?
If you supply us with a print ready pdf then the fonts should be embedded. We might need the fonts when supplying files in other formats.


You are most welcome to pay us via EFT, Credit Card, Debit Card, Bitcoins or cash.