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Video Animation

Video Animation That Communicate Your Perfect Message, Every Time.

Whiteboard video animation are a fantastic way to present your company, idea… We are one of the first full time whiteboard animation studios in the Johannesburg South. There’s plenty of more expensive options, and plenty of cheaper ones. The expensive ones aren’t in your budget, and the cheaper options can’t offer the same high-quality animation, responsive service, unlimited revisions, fast turnaround times, satisfaction guarantee, etc. But we can! Whether it’s film, animation or both, the explainer videos and video productions we produce have a rare mix of marketing and creativity at their heart.

We help you define a target market and goal for your business video, such as driving website traffic, converting website visitors or educating your audience. Only then do we design a campaign, checking with you that our strategy hits the mark. We then help you understand the vast amount of data available to you once you’ve set your video live. Not all videos are born equal. From our animation studio & video production house, we work with clients as close as Cape Town and far as Uk. Feel free to give us a call and we’ll help you understand what would work best for your company, or simply ‘get in touch‘ by email.

Vplay whiteboard animation